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Extrahop Appoints Ingecom

Javier Modubar, CEO of Ingecom
Javier Modubar, CEO of Ingecom

Ingecom, a Value Added Distributor (VAD) specialised in cybersecurity and cyber intelligence solutions, has signed a distribution agreement with ExtraHop, a leading company in Network Detection and Response (NDR) solutions in the cloud. This vendor will be distributed in the three countries where Ingecom is present, that is Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The rise of remote workforces, the adoption of the cloud and the widespread use of encryption tools are challenging security teams with limited resources that have to protect this new type of hybrid enterprise. In this regard, ExtraHop offers a solution aimed at detecting and responding to advanced attacks using network behavioural analysis (NDR).

Specifically, its platform, ExtraHop Reveal(x), provides complete organisational visibility, real-time threat detection and intelligent response, thanks to its innovative approach that applies Machine Learning (ML) to all cloud and network traffic. Among its key features, ExtraHop Reveal(x) enables:

  • automatically detect new, rogue and unmanaged devices to gain insight into all of an organisation's network assets.

  • comprehensively detect all potential attack activity at the endpoint through customised ML-based behaviour, rules and triggers.

  • rapidly validate and remediate threats and provide intelligent response options.

Founded in 2007 in Seattle, Washington (US), ExtraHop helps organisations cut through the noise of alerts, silos and leaky technology to detect threats, ensure the availability of critical applications and secure their cloud investment. Its platform can detect threats up to 95% faster and respond 60% more efficiently.

ExtraHop joins Ingecom's portfolio of solutions from more than 20 vendors to complement its cybersecurity offering with its NDR-based platform, which is ranked as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

Olly Carter, Channel Director EMEA at ExtraHop, said: "we are excited to begin our distribution with Ingecom and increase our presence in the three countries where Ingecom has a presence. Ingecom is uniquely qualified to enable us to build a network of professional resellers and integrators to support the growth of sales of ExtraHop's range of solutions for organisations, including not only enterprises but also those entities that require support for data centre infrastructure, cloud or robust managed services."

Javier Modubar, CEO of Ingecom, said: "signing with ExtraHop allows us to add to our portfolio one of the world's leading NDR vendors, capable of detecting and remediating advanced attacks within the network in motion from east to west, as well as complementing other EDR endpoint solutions. In addition, ExtraHop offers an impressive level of depth to quickly detect any attack, reducing attack detection time so security teams can focus on the real threats."

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