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GD Expert Distributes Ephesoft

Alain Gouzlan, managing director of GD Expert
Alain Gouzlan, managing director of GD Expert

Looking for ever more powerful solutions for its customers, French EDM VAD GD Expert has added Ephesoft to its catalog. Ephesoft is the publisher of Ephesoft Transact, a cloud-based document capture solution based on machine learning, that allows decision makers around the world to make better use of unstructured data.

"Instead of capturing data and distributing it in paper or e-mail, Ephesoft captures and digitises content as it arrives, thus initiating the digital transformation process", explains Alain Gouzlan, managing director of GD Expert. "Then, using the power of supervised machine leaning technology, Ephesoft automatically identifies the type of document, extracts essential information and makes it available to any repository or workflow."

Through supervised machine learning, Ephesoft has designed the next generation of document capture solutions. Ephesoft transact is constantly developing to automatically recognise and process new types and formats of documents. This greatly accelerates the time to payback for virtually any business process or workflow, such as processing invoices, claims, contracts, files, correspondance, reference checks and other transactions. The Ephesoft platform improves accuracy, increases productivity and significantly reduces costs.

The 2019.2 version of Ephesoft Transact includes a new user interface, a print scanner, custom export functionality and improved performance, among more than 50 enhancements:

  • 400% increase in productivity in the banking sector

  • saves up to 50% in labour costs

  • reduces overall processing time by up to 80%

  • reduces document preparation time by 50%

  • reduces indexing efforts by 75%

  • reduces audit duration from weeks to hours

  • reduces the time to finalise real estates loans from 15 minutes to 5 minutes

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