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Green_e Partners with Mobility

Frédéric Mauger, co-founder of Mobility
Frédéric Mauger, co-founder of Mobility

Green_e, a French startup specialised in the ecological load for smartphones and Mobility, a French distributor and manufacturer of multimedia, IT and telephony accessories, are forming a strategic partnership to market a new range of IT connectors. Building on the success of its chargers and cables made from recycled and recyclable materials (growth multiplied by 5 in 2020), green_e is using its innovative environmental positioning to shake up the industry codes by launching the manufacture of eco-designed IT connectors and Mobility's strike force to extend the distribution of its new range in supermarkets and hypermarkets. The first brand to be certified eco-design, green_e intends to seduce consumers with recycled and recyclable materials, a zero waste concept and a level 6 load efficiency (when its most efficient competitors are level 5).

With this commercial partnership, Mobility, an expert in the distribution of accessories to the mass retail sector, is expanding the scope of points-of-sale offering green_e products. With this strong ally, the startup, which has so far designed recyclable and eco-designed cables, chargers and accessories for smartphones, has just launched a new range of eco-designed IT connectors and computer bags that will be available from the start of the new school year.

Mobility is already offering retailers a wide range of permanent green_e references for iOS and Android smartphones: braided charging cables in recycled plastic, fast-charging kits, eco-designed chargers, eco-designed audio cables, eco-friendly luggage.

The partnership with Mobility highlights the disruptive offer of green_e. For the first time, buying a new high-tech product in a supermarket becomes zero waste for the consumer. "We have devised a recycling service for consumers. The idea is to raise awareness of the sorting gesture and to show that it is possible to recover waste. Our packaging serves as a container to return your old cable free of charge so that it can be recycled and re-injected into the production of new products. It's a way for us to enable everyone to become eco-responsible", says Guillaume Bensi, founder of green_e.

"Mobility is very proud to be able to contribute to the development of green_e and to be part of this sustainable development project. Making eco-responsible accessories accessible to as many people as possible is very motivating for the teams and the reception of the distribution is more than positive", explain Frédéric Mauger, co-founder of Mobility.

While a United Nations report reveals that in 2019 each individual produced an average of 7.3 kilos of electronic waste, green_e strives to offer ecological, economical and sustainable products. The brand fights against programmed obsolescence and energy-consuming accessories by guaranteeing the quality, safety and performance of its products with a 10-year warranty.

This includes achieving level 6 smartphone charging efficiency when its best-placed competitors are level 5. An Apple charger, for example, loses 66% more energy than a green_e charger. That's a significant difference when you charge your smartphone almost every day.

Continuing its eco-design approach, the launch of green_e's new range of IT connectors is an opportunity for the brand to move towards packaging that is 100% biodegradable and compostable in 90 days (by an industrial composter) based on PLA (Poly Lactic Acid, made from sugar cane pulp and corn starch). An environmentally friendly solution with CO2 emissions reduced by 75% compared to the production of petroleum-based plastics. This new packaging protects the products from heat and reduces carbon emissions by limiting its volume and weight.

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