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Groupe EAVS Distributes Loud Of Sweden

Lionel Ferreira, Groupe EAVS' development director
Lionel Ferreira, Groupe EAVS' development director

The Loud Of Sweden brand joins the catalogue of French AV VAD Groupe EAVS in the audio category. The vendor is specialised in sound systems for commercial spaces with a major advantage: the wireless link. Let's not forget the very successful design of the speakers which allows them to be highlighted, as well as to blend easily into the ceiling in the middle of lighting and other technical elements.

"The most common method of sound reinforcement is the 70/100V line. A single cable connects multiple speakers in parallel. It's simple and effective, but you need to be able to run the cable. So, in the age of decentralised, computer network or wireless, the days of 70/100V are numbered", explains Lionel Ferreira, Groupe EAVS' development director. "Loud Of Sweden offers the S1 speaker. It comes with a ceiling mount system with its lyre, and its installation is quite classic. It only requires a power supply and does not need to be connected in series with the other S1s in the system."

In addition to the S1, Loud of Sweden also offers the TW1 subwoofer, which has a classic parallelepiped format. It has two metal feet for mounting on walls and ceilings. But there's nothing to stop it being mounted on the same ceiling rails as the S1 speakers. It, too, only needs a power outlet nearby. These mounting and supply rails can be shared and are ideal. Dedicated lighting rails where power is available at any point can accommodate Loud Of Sweden speakers and cabinets to make installation simple and straightforward.

Both speakers and cabinets are equipped with an external antenna operating in the 2.4 GHz band in a proprietary way via a local hub, the Baseunit B1. The Baseunit B1 has a 50-channel antenna to avoid any interference. Secondly, the B1 has a 3.5 mm mini-jack audio input and a built-in microphone for push-to-talk calls.

"The range of the system is 100 metres, unlike competing systems that are limited to 20 or 25 metres. The number of receiving speakers and cabinets is unlimited. For this reason, Loud Of Sweden is the easiest to implement and most effective professional PA system for commercial environments in terms of coverage, with sound quality superior to typical 70/100V installations without the need for audio cabling", concludes Lionel Ferreira.

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