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Hermitage Gets a Touch of Magic with its new Partner, StorMagic

Alain Takahashi, managing director of Hermitage Solutions
Alain Takahashi, managing director of Hermitage Solutions

French security VAD Hermitage Solutions has partnered with StorMagic to provide robust hyperconverged solutions for edge computing, telecommuting, small and medium businesses and small data centres.

Hermitage Solutions selected this new solution to address the need for businesses to store, protect and use their data at the edge of their information systems.

The StorMagic products and their key benefits include:

  • SvSAN, a highly available two-node virtual SAN designed for hyper-converged edge sites, remote offices, outsourced services and small data centres. By providing 100% uptime with only two nodes, customers can save at least 33% compared to other highly available hyper-converged infrastructures that require three or more servers.

  • SvKMS, an encryption key manager for the edge, data centre and cloud, which manages all encryption keys, everywhere, for any encryption workflow. With so much flexibility, SvKMS offers enterprise-class functionality at the best price for modern key management.

  • ARQvault VMS, a complete video management system that excels in optimising and managing video surveillance storage. ARQvault VMS technologies improve performance for everyday surveillance use and dramatically reduce storage costs so customers can afford to keep and use video longer.

"StorMagic complements our security, network and infrastructure product offerings to provide complete IT security solutions", said Alain Takahashi, managing director of Hermitage Solutions.

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