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Humidef Appoints eD'System

Humidef rescue package
Humidef rescue package

Broadliner eD'system has been appointed as the exclusive distributor of the Slovak brand Humidef, specialised in protecting electronics and technology from corrosion and oxidation.

The distributor offers products of this brand to its customers in Czechia, Poland and Slovakia. They are suitable for owners of mobile phones, tablets, cameras, but also other devices.

Two basic Humidef products have been added to eD'Shop, in different package sizes. "The first is a protective chip, which creates permanent protection of equipment and technology against corrosion and atmospheric moisture. The second is the rescue package, which serves as first aid in the event of water damage to any electronic or metal device", said Daniel Sojka, product manager in charge of Humidef.

The company uses its own technology to manufacture its products. "Its principle is to absorb moisture and water from the environment in order to get the relative humidity below 40%. At that moment, the conditions for corrosion formation are no longer present. Where this is not possible, we create solutions that minimise the effects of these influences", explained Dávid Zemčák, sales representative from Humidef.

Humidef is a young innovative technology company from eastern Slovakia, which launched its products in 2019. The company develops solutions that protect electronics and technology from the effects of water and moisture, and thus extend the life of electronic devices.

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