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ICOS Releases Ermes Intelligent Web Protection

Federico Marini, Managing Director of ICOS
Federico Marini, Managing Director of ICOS

Italian network and security VAD ICOS has started the distribution of solutions from Ermes, a cybersecurity company whose solutions protect users from targeted attacks while surfing the web via PCs and mobile devices, leveraging proprietary AI algorithms.

Ermes - Intelligent Web Protection is the Italian company founded by Hassan Metwalley that is revolutionising IT security systems, protecting organisations from web attacks that traditional security systems cannot cope with. In its latest research, Gartner named Ermes' technology as one of the emerging realities in the field of AI applied to cybersecurity. In fact, through patented algorithms, Ermes' solution analyses the behaviour of web services in real time, proactively blocking those with a risk profile, regardless of their reputation, thus overcoming the limitations of other solutions. Ermes' on-device technology, besides being easy to implement, is complementary to any IT security ecosystem while also ensuring a better browsing experience for users and better device performance.

Federico Marini, Managing Director of ICOS, commented on the agreement: "increasingly, ICOS offers partners a range of innovative solutions that go beyond traditional approaches to IT security. Ermes is rightly part of this range, and it is with particular pleasure that I am announcing today the collaboration with this Italian company, which has been able to emerge at an international level thanks to the results of its extraordinary research and development work. I am sure that through our commitment we will be able to give further impetus to a brand that is already gaining a great deal of support, helping operators to offer these new technologies to customers in all sectors and sizes."

"What unites us with ICOS is the goal of driving change, bringing to market high-value technology solutions designed to successfully address today's most complex business challenges. Through this partnership, which combines ICOS' expertise in delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions with Ermes' technology that overcomes the visibility limitations of traditional web threat solutions, we are confident that we can significantly enhance the level of protection for organisations on the web, today's most vulnerable link for businesses of all sizes", added Hassan Metwalley, CEO of Ermes.

Leveraging the recognised expertise of its staff, combined with its many years of experience in the IT distribution market, ICOS will work to create a network of qualified partners to whom it can offer its value-added services in relation to Ermes solutions, particularly in the areas of pre-sales, sales support and marketing.

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