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IDCP acquires 2serve

IDCP CEO Jan Boers
IDCP CEO Jan Boers

Dutch smart tech specialist IDCP has announced the takeover of 2serve, Benelux distributor for more than 20 years of high end accessories. IDCP and 2serve started working together after IDCP took over the European distribution of j5create. After working together for the past year and learning of the wish of Jan Hurstjes, founder and director of 2serve, IDCP BV CEO Jan Boers offered to take over the company. 2Serve will continue to represent its current portfolio of brands, notably Matias and Rain Design, and will extend the reach of the IDCP brands such as j5create and Phonesoap in the Benelux market. Jan Hurstjes will stay on to help IDCP integrate the 2serve activities and to provide his knowledge and experience to the IDCP Group board.

IDCP CEO Jan Boers is happy to continue the 2serve distribution activities in the Benelux and use the synergy between the portfolios to accelerate the growth of the IDCP Group on a European scale: “access to the right channels and focus on individual countries are keys for the success of our brands in the coming years."

2Serve founder Jan Hurstjes is thrilled to see his company live on and thrive as part of the IDCP Group: “Jan Boers and myself share much in terms of experience of insight into markets. Joining forces will mean a path of continuity for our customers and a great opportunity for our brands to cooperate on a European level through the strong position of IDCP Group.

Since January 1st, 2serve continues under its own name as an activity of IDCP BV from their offices and warehouse in Almere.

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