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IDCP Introduces CloudMed iCare

Jan Boers, managing director of IDCP
Jan Boers, managing director of IDCP

Dutch consumer electronics distributor IDCP had introduced fresh from Taiwan the iCARE 8-IN-1 measurement device. The iCare detects 8 different statistics on physical condition anytime anywhere, it only takes 60 seconds to check:

  • heartbeat

  • body age

  • blood pressure (Diastolic & Systolic)

  • pulse wave transit time

  • peripheral Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

  • tiredness index

  • pressure index (stress)

The user friendly corresponding app, to be downloaded from the App store or Google Play store, gives by the Bluetooth connectivity all information on personal health, as measured with the iCARE device. Based on the measurements, the iCARE App shows also if there are any precautions to be considered, especially where the results measured by the iCARE device and App can be a benefit for consumers to monitor their physical status, especially in these times with Covid-19.

"The sooner they recognise their peripheral oxygen saturation level (SpO2) is decreasing and is becoming critical, the better will be the possibility to start with a therapy", said Jan Boers, managing director of IDCP.

"The iCARE device and iCARE App are developed for personal health management, but can of course also be used as an additional help in combination with home care organisations, nursing homes and other healthcare organisations", he adds.

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