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Infinigate Launches "Managed SOCplus" Concept

Andreas Bechtold, Chief Revenue Officer of Infinigate Group
Andreas Bechtold, Chief Revenue Officer of Infinigate Group

Security VAD Infinigate now offers MSPs and system vendors in Germany a new Advanced Security Service concept to support and build security operation services.

With SOCplus, partners receive a SaaS-based, co-managed SOC solution with included operational and incident response support from an experienced team of experts. Both come from the Israeli specialist provider Cyberhat with its Cyrebro solution. The concept was consistently designed by Infinigate to be channel-enabled. The MSP is the operator at the end customer, but is supported with highly specialised cybersecurity services and a fully integrated SOC platform. Capabilities such as malicious code analysis, active threat-hunting or forensic analyses can only be built up at enormous expense. However, their provision is essential in the context of MSP services.

The SOCplus concept also offers training and professional services for onboarding the end customer, including response readiness. If incident response activities are new to the MSP or if the MSP is just developing in this direction, in addition to the incident response support already included, there is the option of an extension to hand over incident response cases to the German IR specialist GData ADAN from Bochum, which is also BSI certified, among other things. The offer is rounded off by support in the post-breach area, when it is a matter of improving the infrastructure or revising organisational measures after an incident. Commercially, all Infinigate contractual agreements are aligned for MSPs and are provided as templates and recommended actions.

Andreas Bechtold, Chief Revenue Officer of Infinigate Group, explains about the new Advanced Security Service: "with this concept we want to enable partners to extend their existing Managed Security Services with highly qualified SOC & IR services. SOCplus can be used almost independently of the customer's existing customer infrastructure. This investment protection of the customers was one of the top priorities in the planning."

Infinigate will also offer SOCplus in Austria and Switzerland from the third quarter.

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