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Inter Engineering Unveils its Holistic Infrastructure of Cyber Security Managed Services

Josmaarten Swinkels, Inter Engineering CEO
Josmaarten Swinkels, Inter Engineering CEO

Greek security VAD Inter Engineering has unveiled its holistic infrastructure of Cyber Security Managed Services to cover the growing need of intelligent protection for Small and Medium Sized Companies.

The cyber security landscape has changed. Attacks are being operated by organised crime, rapidly developing both in number as well as intelligence.

Whereas not so long ago a company would apply security products in order to protect itself, today this approach has lost most of its effect.

The attacks are simply too diverse and too fast for the average SMB to keep up with. It would need a team of security specialists and tools which probably fall out of budget”, comments Josmaarten Swinkels, Inter Engineering CEO.

The natural development is that more and more SMBs will need and want to outsource their IT security needs to a specialised partner, a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

An MSSP has the specialised knowledge, tools, procedures and information sources which enable him to cover his clients with the whole cycle of IT Security coverage: Consulting and guidance for security best practices, the application and maintenance of preventive security measures, up to monitoring – detecting and responding to attacks. And this for an affordable and foreseeable price.

One of the unique aspects of Inter Engineering’s approach is that it is being put in practice by and through its partners, the IT companies close to the end customers.

And we give our partners two options”, Swinkels continues.“We can help them build their own Managed Security Services based on our infrastructure, or they can simply resell the services which will then be operated by Inter Engineering on the partner’s behalf. Whatever the case, the partner will be able to cover his customers.

Inter Engineering’s Managed Security Services are readily available and will be officially launched by webinar on 6 July. Registration can be done through Inter Engineering’s website.

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