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Inuit Brings in Zero Trust Provider Safe-T

Thorir Eggertsson, CEO at Inuit
Thorir Eggertsson, CEO at Inuit

Swedish network and security VAD Inuit has expanded its security offering through a new partnership with Safe-T and can now offer the market a Zero Trust Network Access solution that helps organisations integrate Zero Trust into their current IT environment.

The solution from Safe-T is called ZoneZero and removes the need to redesign the network and access flow for Zero Trust and supports all types of access methods including VPN.

"Now that organisations have solved most of the practicalities of employees working remotely, the focus going forward will be on making remote working as secure as possible. The collaboration with Safe-T broadens our offering so we can help our customers and partners implement Zero Trust without rebuilding the IT environment", says Thorir Eggertsson, CEO at Inuit.

ZoneZero allows you to add a higher level of security to your existing infrastructure to enhance your VPN, enable true multi-factor and continuous authentication to your service sessions, and authenticate individual sessions as they are used. ZoneZero achieves this clientlessly with seamless integration into your infrastructure with a fast deployment time.

"We are proud of our partnership with Inuit who will market and distribute Safe-T's ZoneZero solutions in Sweden to help their customers ensure secure access at all times, whether using VPNs, connecting internal staff or providing access to external users. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Inuit and to seeing our solutions help more organisations in Sweden", said Avi Rubinstein, Chief Business Officer at Safe-T.

Safe-T ZoneZero helps users to:

  • isolate sensitive applications - keep applications hidden by authenticating your users before granting access.

  • understand user behaviour - built-in User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to gain in-depth insights about your already authenticated users, to detect and prevent insider threats.

  • predict attacks before they happen - ZoneZero uses machine learning to alert when there are indications of attacks before they happen.

  • improve user experience - seamless integration that doesn't disrupt users and is easy for IT staff to manage.

  • minimise exposure of applications and files - users are granted access only after authentication based on their permissions.

  • take full control - the user set the conditions; fully scalable and flexible to meet their needs.

  • flexible implementation - choose from cloud, on-premises or hybrid to suit their needs.

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