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Inuit starts cooperation with F-Secure

Åke Wieslander, COO at Inuit
Åke Wieslander, COO at Inuit

Swedish network and security VAD Inuit and F-Secure have entered into a partnership in the Swedish market. Inuit will work closely with F-Secure's customers by supporting partners with value-added sales. F-Secure complements Inuit's current security offering with solutions such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) and protection for Office 365.

Inuit has extensive experience in the distribution of complex solutions. By working very closely with a small number of manufacturers who are all leaders in their fields, Inuit acts as an extension of their business with local expertise.

"F-Secure stands out a lot from other companies in the industry", says Åke Wieslander, COO at Inuit. "Through their solution, which is a kind of hybrid between managed SOC and a traditional endpoint protection, the customer can easily escalate threats themselves directly to an expert engineer who works with and researches cyber threats on a daily basis. This type of service has become a success factor for companies of all sizes."

F-Secure's solutions help customers to actively protect themselves against all types of cyber threats, including ransomware and phishing, and have built a strong reputation and brand in the Swedish market, which contributed to Inuit's decision to partner with F-Secure.

"With Inuit, we can scale our organisation with skilled people who can explain complex security issues", says Martin Lindgren, Sweden Director for F-Secure. "Inuit is not a clumsy giant. They really prioritise customer satisfaction and creating clear added value for both us and our customers. In addition, the personal chemistry between the companies works well, which is very important for us. We are proud and happy to start this cooperation."

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