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Italian Achab Expands in the United Kingdom

Andrea Veca, CEO of Achab. CEO of Achab
Andrea Veca, CEO of Achab. CEO of Achab

Italian network and security VAD Achab has expanded further through the opening of Achab Ltd, its first subsidiary abroad, based in the United Kingdom. Confirming a strategic growth path, the company will bring its value distribution model to support both Italian ICT vendors wishing to prosper in the UK, and foreign ICT companies by opening the doors to the international market to them.

In a particular historical context characterised by the complexities linked to Brexit, as well as the criticalities posed by the the pandemic, the company confirmed its central role in supporting Italian SMEs in facing the technological challenges technological challenges related to smartworking and cybersecurity, in supporting the push towards the cloud, as well as helping to interpret and embrace innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics and learning, data analytics and predictive analytics technologies to build flexible, cost-effective ICT infrastructures, efficient and cost-effective ICT infrastructures.

Confirming a winning growth strategy, Achab continues its expansion and completes the important milestone of establishing its successful business model in the UK to be the first gateway to the UK market for gateway to the UK market for Italian and international vendors entering Europe.

"In the international context, the UK market is extremely desirable and is the first, along with Ireland, in which US vendors establish their presence. While the Managed Service Provider market in the UK is much more developed than in Europe, it is also the first, along with Ireland, where US vendors establish a presence. While the Managed Service Provider market in the UK is much more developed than in Italy, it is also much more competitive, being the first country where US vendors establish a presence. the first country where vendors land when they want to enter Europe", said Andrea Veca, CEO of Achab. CEO of Achab. "Over the years, we've come across IT solutions developed in Italy that have been stuck in a market that's still not very competitive. solutions developed in Italy that are still stuck in a limited market. business development of Italian software houses that have chosen to invest in a field that in other markets is sparking in other markets is making sparks fly."

"Facing a new market is an extremely stimulating challenge, with new criticalities, but also new opportunities. new opportunities. Over the years, we have developed both processes and technologies that have proved to be quite effective. and technologies that have proven to be quite effective, so we want to apply our know-how and experience in another market to continue to push the company forward. experience in another market to continue to drive innovation in the ICT market and support the business of managed service providers. Service Provider business", commented Daria Trespidi, Chief Operation Officer of Achab.

With over ten years' experience in the Information Technology sector and the MSP market, Phil Samson will lead Achab Limited as Managing Director: "I'm incredibly excited to be joining the wonderful Achab team and heading up their brand new UK business. I have been working with Andrea since 2005 and I jumped at the chance to work with him and the Achab team."

Achab Limited will bring abroad some innovative cutting-edge solutions developed by Italian vendors, acting as a fast lane to enter the UK market. Among the first, will be Globaldash, a solution born in Forlì that unifies in a single screen the alerts coming from the platforms used by MSPs to provide IT services.

Cameyo is an innovative solution that simplifies the work of MSPs and users by enabling fast, simple and secure access to Windows applications at any time and from any device. And Cyberfish, an email security solution specifically designed to detect and block phishing attacks from unknown sources in real time.

Welcoming the company's new path of international growth with great enthusiasm, the entire Achab team agrees to embrace the opportunities for growth, not only commercial and professional, but also personal, associated with the expansion of the company's boundaries, convinced that the landing of Achab in the UK fully represents the spirit of the company, which has always been aimed at improving and embracing new stimulating challenges.

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