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Itancia Acquires STAVE

Updated: Feb 28

Refurbished and telecom VAD Itancia entered 2022 with the acquisition of the business of STAVE, allowing its 909 brand, which specialises in the home repair of consumer electronics and household appliances, to open a new local branch in Strasbourg.

The acquisition of STAVE allows Itancia to expand its national network with the opening of this 6th agency and to cover more than 60% of the French territory.

As a major player for more than 30 years in the repair/packaging of electronic equipment and customised logistics services for businesses, the Itancia group is continuing to grow in the consumer repair market and now has 6 branches in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes, Tours and Strasbourg.

This new branch, located in Mundolsheim near Strasbourg, currently has 8 employees and generates a turnover of €0.8 million in the home or remote repair market for electronic and household appliances. STAVE covers the departments of Bas-Rhin (67) and Haut-Rhin (68), and this acquisition enables the 909 brand to establish itself in eastern France and extend its area of operation.

This new acquisition follows the 4 recent integrations of LM3S, STVS, Tech Service and Iphinity into the Itancia Group as part of its development in the home repair market.

"This new acquisition comes just one month after our new locations in Tours and Nantes. These operations allow our young brand of consumer electronics and household appliances repair, launched only 3 months ago, to cover 60% of the French territory. In addition, we are proud to announce the opening of a 909 branch in Bordeaux to cover the entire Bordeaux region. We are getting considerably closer to our initial objective of covering 100% of the territory. With this territorial coverage, we want every French person to benefit from local, eco-responsible services that meet their needs", explains Thierry Le Goff, Managing Director of the Itancia Group.

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