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Itancia Acquires Teknema and Tech Service

Updated: May 3, 2021

Thierry Le Goff, Managing Director of Itancia Group
Thierry Le Goff, Managing Director of Itancia Group

As a major player for more than 25 years in the reparation of electronic equipment and tailor-made logistics solutions for companies, the Itancia Group has today announced the acquisition of two new firms, Teknema and Tech Service.

These acquisitions are part of the group’s strategy of developing value-added activities including repairs, reconditioning and local logistics services.

Teknema, based in Milan (Italy), is specialised in the reparation of electronic and IT equipment (printers, TVs, PCs, servers, slot machines, etc.). The company also has a logistics facility of more than 3000 sqm, which will enable the Itancia group to boost its capabilities for electronic repairs in Italy and its know-how in the field of local logistics to meet the local needs of both companies and private clients.

Tech Service, based in Toulouse (France), specialises in home repairs for brown and white electrical household appliances. The company today works with the market’s leading brands (Philips, Haier, Samsung, Panasonic, Vestel, LG) for all products including: washing machines, TVs and refrigerators, etc. Following the acquisition of the companies LM3S and STVS, based in the Paris and Lyon areas,Tech service will further extend the Itancia group’s existing national coverage for the workshop-based and home-based reparation of electronic and electrical household appliances.

« We are delighted to be welcoming the Teknema and Tech Service teams to the group.These two new acquisitions will enable us to expand our coverage of local agencies specialising in home repairs for electronic and electrical household goods nationally and in the areas in which our subsidiaries are based, but also to extend our traditional repair capabilities and our know-how in the field of international logistics. These acquisitions once again highlight our determination to respond to our clients’ latest habits and requirements by supporting them on a personalised basis regardless of the economic, geographical and health-related context », explains Thierry Le Goff, Managing Director of Itancia Group.

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