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JP.di Partners with Cyberscopic

Ricardo Ferreira, Managing Director of JP.di
Ricardo Ferreira, Managing Director of JP.di

Portuguese broadliner JP.di has teamed up with Cyberscopic, a Portuguese-Canadian cybersecurity services company, with a SOC-as-a-Service solution to enable Partners to offer their clients the services of a Security Operations Centre, with several advantages for the cybersecurity and Data Protection area of SMBs.

The offer includes security posture assessments, a team of experts and analysts, monitoring and 24/7/365 coverage (operating in Portugal, Canada, Brazil and Malaysia), bilingual service (support in Portuguese and English), among other possibilities.

Aiming to be more than a traditional broadliner distributor, JP.di has been building an offer of services and solutions that materialises the strategy of joining the traditional supply of brands and products in the technology area, solutions and services that enable Partners to have access to an offer that leverages their value proposition, as well as the possibilities of empowerment for the increasingly demanding challenges that are posed by customers.

Ricardo Ferreira, Managing Director of JP.di, says: "with this partnership we seek to take another step towards raising awareness of the need for investment in these areas, as well as offering a service that helps this same approach, by our Partners, especially those who work in the SME segment."

Henrique Reis, CEO of Cyberscopic, added: "finally, SMEs will have access to a complete cybersecurity service that was previously only available to large organisations at very high costs. This partnership will grant IT and MSP companies an integrated solution of cybersecurity services, simplified and accessible to their clients. We are confident that our partnership will contribute to a safer digital world."

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