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Kappa Data launches ccFLEX, a new managed service solution for Barracuda Firewalls

Patrick Casteels, managing director of Kappa Data
Patrick Casteels, managing director of Kappa Data

With 'ccFLEX', Belgian network and security VAD Kappa Data has launched a highly comprehensive managed firewall solution that builds on the existing 'CC-Hosted' solution.

"Many Barracuda partners in the Benelux are familiar with the CC-Hosted solution that Kappa Data has built around the Barracuda Control Centre. With this central management platform IT partners can easily and efficiently provide all firewalls of their customers with security and SD-WAN policies. Kappa Data hosts this Control Center in its data centre and makes it available in licence form. This makes the central management very accessible to every reseller or end user in an affordable way", explains Patrick Casteels, managing director of Kappa Data.

This service now has more than 2000 firewalls and can rightly be called a success story in the added value that Kappa Data offers. With the new 'ccFLEX' offering, Kappa Data goes a serious step further. In the first place there will be a full As A Service model for firewall, licenses and management layer which can be purchased per month. From now on you can also simply rent your firewall. Of course, the classic sales model will also continue to exist.

Kappa Data also offers a lot of extras:

  • Kappa Data uses OneLogin's solution (with which it also has a distribution contract) for Identity and Access Management, which allows secure and simple login on all platforms.

  • In addition, Kappa Data adds a monitoring tool to the solution that allows each user of the solution to monitor their devices as well as their licenses.

  • Kappa Data takes care of keeping the firmware up to date for users who so wish. This means that your firewall always has the highest level of protection and you can make use of the latest features.

  • Finally, Kappa Data adds many extras in terms of intervention when a firewall fails, or a reseller needs an extra hand.

"With 'ccFLEX' Kappa Data puts its added value profile even more in the spotlight and makes it clear why it is one of the stronger Barracuda distributors in Europe", Casteels concludes.

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