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Kaspersky Signs with Infinigate

Stéphanie Kayser, Managing Director of Infinigate France

Security VAD Infinigate and Kaspersky have unveiled during the International Cybersecurity Forum in Lille (FIC 2020) a new business partnership, which enables Kaspersky to strengthen its development strategy, by leveraging on a major distributor, expert and specialist in IT security solutions, particularly in the managed services market in France. Infinigate is also expanding its catalogue to include the entire Kaspersky portfolio, providing resellers and integrators with an ever-expanding cybersecurity offering, including all of the group's security solutions and services such as advanced endpoint protection, prevention and fight against advanced digital threats, up to dedicated Managed Service Providers (MSP) solutions. As a result, Infinigate will also benefit from access to the Kaspersky reseller network via the Kaspersky License Management Portal (LMP), the new portal launched last week by Kaspersky. Dedicated to the group's partners and resellers, it is designed to facilitate order management and transaction processes.

This alliance is part of Kaspersky's desire to strengthen its position with major operators and integrators already present within the historic Infinigate France network, but also to capture its existing network of medium-sized resellers (medium business), a buoyant market for the group in France. Kaspersky will also benefit from the MSP expertise of Infinigate France, which is investing heavily in MSP offerings and set up a dedicated business unit last September.

Infinigate's teams will receive comprehensive training on Kaspersky's MSP offering to help them advise and support their reseller customers in the marketing of the company's solutions. In addition, Infinigate will provide its partners with dedicated sales and technical support staff to ensure that it can respond quickly and keep pace with Kaspersky's evolving solutions.

"Infinigate's human-sized team and its recognised expertise in cyber security make Infinigate a partner of choice for Kaspersky. The objective is to get started very quickly, by training pre-sales teams and establishing common development mapping", said Tony Audouin, Distribution Partner Account Manager at Kaspersky France.

"As a specialist in IT security solutions, our primary objective is to offer the widest possible range of cyber security solutions. As a specialist in IT security solutions, our primary objective is to offer the widest possible range of cyber security solutions. Our offer dedicated to professionals, now supported by Infinigate, confirms our ability to build reference bases from desktop protection to the resolution of more complex problems, such as the prevention of attacks and the fight against advanced threats (EDR - End Point Detection and Response)", continued Catherine Oudot, Head of Channel at Kaspersky.

"With its unique focus on IT security, Infinigate is committed to providing its partners with an increasingly comprehensive and innovative security offering. With Kaspersky, we have a major player in endpoint protection, with a very strong capacity for innovation, particularly in Threat Intelligence and industrial systems protection. Infinigate MSP, the division dedicated to the marketing of service solutions, will also play an important role in the development of Kaspersky within Infinigate France. The monthly offering of Kaspersky solutions will quickly complement the SolarWinds RMM solution marketed by Infinigate MSP", concludes Stéphanie Kayser, Managing Director of Infinigate France.

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