• Alain Godet

Marvel Distributes Aqara

Aleksander Yanovsky, marketing director of Marvel Distribution

Russian broadliner Marvel Distribution has expanded its portfolio with products from the Chinese vendor Aqara. Russian resellers will be now allowed to offer the entire range of components for a smart home, manufactured by the Chinese company: sockets, bulbs, switches, wireless sensors, smart curtain rails, as well as the Aqara Hub, the "brain" for the smart home solutions of the Chinese vendor.

"Aqara devices operate on the data transfer protocol ZigBee, which differs from popular Wi-Fi and Bluetooth protocols by lower power consumption, stability and convenient network routing. Aqara technology works with popular voice assistants, including Alice, the voice assistant of Yandex", explains Aleksander Yanovsky, marketing director of Marvel Distribution.

According to X-EGG experts, Aqara is the leader in China in terms of sales volume and variety of solutions for smart home. The company entered the Russian market in late 2019.