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Matts Digital and Ultraleap Sign a Partnership to Promote Ultraleap Solutions in Europe

Stéphane Courgeon, president of Matts Digital
Stéphane Courgeon, president of Matts Digital

French distributor Matts Digital, the only one in Europe exclusively specialised in virtual reality, has been chosen by Ultraleap to market its solutions in the region.

Ultraleap is a US-based company that uses haptic technology to create the sensation of touch in the air while tracking the movement of your hands. This new partnership agreement allows Matts Digital to import and distribute Ultraleap's solutions, including the hand tracking accessory for PICO Neo 3 Pro and Pro Eye. This hand tracking accessory matches the position of your virtual hands to your real hands with accuracy and reliability. In addition, Matts Digital will be able to offer its customers, through its technical hotline, after-sales support for the Ultraleap offering.

"Our devices use unique haptic technology and offer a powerful virtual reality experience without controllers, laptops or touch screens. Just natural interaction. As Matts Digital is the official partner of PICO in France and Europe, we were very aware of the need for this partnership to develop our sales and position in Europe", explains Nicci Reeve, Ultraleap's general manager of digital marketing.

"Ultraleap has developed a real expertise in designing products using haptic technology and hand tracking. The performance of their products is highly demanded by our customers to enjoy an unparalleled VR experience. The hand tracking kit for the PICO Neo 3 Pro editions perfectly complements the professional accessories we already have in our catalog", adds Stéphane Courgeon, president of Matts Digital.

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