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Matts Digital Launches the Kitcases

Stéphane Courgeon, president of Matts Digital
Stéphane Courgeon, president of Matts Digital

Developed in partnership with France Immersive Learning and Immersive Learning Lab, the Kitcase is an all-in-one ready-to-use kit marketed by French virtual reality specialist Matts Digital. Designed to facilitate user deployments, the Kitcase packs all the necessary equipment into an easily transportable case.

"We developed Kitcase, a ready-to-use VR headset case that is the perfect companion to our CASE pilot application, with France Immersive Learning because it is the best partner we could hope for in this immersive content distribution platform", said Stéphane Courgeon, president of Matts Digital.

The Kitcase contains:

  • 4 or 6 pre-configured virtual reality headsets

  • a reinforced Nanuk case with wheels

  • a pre-configured Microsoft Surface Pro tablet

  • a TP-Link router to create a local loop

  • an i-tec USB hub to charge the virtual reality headsets

  • a battery charger

  • a set of rechargeable batteries

The Kitcases also include pre-installed CASE licenses developed by Immersive Learning Lab to control the VR headsets from your touch tablet, a warranty and access to the Matts technical hotline.

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