Megatrade in Partnership with FS Group

Artem Vizhutkin, director of development at Megatrade
Artem Vizhutkin, director of development at Megatrade

Ukrainian network VAD Megatrade and FS Group, a Ukrainian cybersecurity developer, have agreed on a partnership. Since a few months, Megatrade supplies FS Group products aimed at protecting computer systems and investigating high-tech crimes.

Artem Vizhutkin, director of development at Megatrade, said that the distributor already has significant experience in the field of information security. Therefore, FS Group's solutions will complement Megatrade's portfolio, and it will include a full range of cybersecurity solutions: from warning to rapid response and disclosure. "Our partners, and consequently the market as a whole, have received a decent boost from the Ukrainian developer where the offer of global manufacturers is still uncompetitive", said Artem.

FS Group's line of solutions includes monitoring tools, vulnerability analysis, and information products for security professionals. In the case of the latter, the company is a conditional intermediary between the business and the world of the darknet: it collects data on sources that pose a threat and integrates information about them into the customer's information security system for proactive risk management.

Valeria Kuzmenko, Marketing and Sales Director of FS Group, said: “we are confident that our cooperation will significantly accelerate the development of the Ukrainian cyber market and digital business transformation. As a result of the partnership with Megatrade, even more companies will be able to increase the level of security of their enterprise through the use of innovative cybersecurity solutions and the implementation of world best practices."