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Mike Hommel is new Head of Marketing at Exertis Pro AV

Mike Hommel, Head of Marketing at AV VAD Exertis Pro AV
Mike Hommel, Head of Marketing at AV VAD Exertis Pro AV

Since mid-September 2021, Mike Hommel is the new Head of Marketing at AV VAD Exertis Pro AV.

In his career, Mike Hommel has already acquired great expertise in the fields of communication, social media and partner sales in his management position as head of customer and partner management as well as marketing manager for brokers and banks at Württembergische Versicherung. He is therefore very familiar with the interfaces between marketing and sales activities. In his new position at Exertis Pro AV, he will emphasise primarily on communication focusing even more on dealers and their customers needs, as well as on the expansion of the Exertis Pro AV ACADEMY. Hereby, the main focus will be on a more target group-specific approach and added value for the dealers.

Mike Hommel is characterised by a positive attitude and a "let's do it" mentality. His approach is pragmatic: "in addition to state-of-the-art technology from a trusted source, added values such as a target group-oriented customer approach and personal training opportunities are becoming increasingly important. Combined with excellent service before, but especially after sales, is the key to become unique – that is the decisive difference.

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