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MTI Signs with Engenius

Serhyi Yakovlev, commercial director of MTI
Serhyi Yakovlev, commercial director of MTI

Ukrainian broadliner MTI hi-tech distribution has started to sell a line of managed POE switches for video surveillance systems of the Taiwanese company EnGenius Networks. At the beginning of cooperation, MTI hi-tech distribution will present the most popular line of managed POE switches for the organization of video surveillance systems on the Ukrainian market. These are highly professional products that have the ability to connect video cameras at a distance of up to 250 meters without additional amplifiers, the function of automatic detection and power reset for a faulty camera, as well as a system of continuous power supply when updating the firmware of the switch.

"For 30 years of working on the network equipment market, EnGenius has created an ideal balance between the price of devices and their performance. EnGenius network solutions provide reliable communication over long distances, have a wide set of functions and maximum versatility within their categories. They help to build modern "smart" businesses with proper security of critical network requirements", says Serhyi Yakovlev, commercial director of MTI.

The portfolio of EnGenius network solutions includes a wide range of managed wireless solutions, gigabit and multi-gigabit switches and management and monitoring systems, the high performance of which is ensured by the use of top chipsets from Qualcomm in access points and Broadcom in switches.

The main advantages of EnGenius Networks products are simplified deployment of WLAN networks, high fault tolerance, scalability and mobility. Additional guest access and advanced security add to network security.

MTI hi-tech distribution also plans to introduce EnGenius wireless access points, switches, transceivers and POE converters to the Ukrainian market.

"A wide selection of products and solutions for building enterprise-level data transmission networks is a key advantage of EnGenius products. Wireless access points working on Wi-Fi technology of the sixth generation (802.11ax) provide a long range, high speed, reliable security and ease of use", emphasizes Serhiy Yakovlev.

The services of the authorized service center and after-sales support of EnGenius in Ukraine will be provided by the service department of MTI, which will ensure a quick response and resolution of any issues during the operation of the equipment.

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