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MTS Cloud Available to Axoft Partners

Vladislav Fefelov, Director of Axoft's Product Expertise Department
Vladislav Fefelov, Director of Axoft's Product Expertise Department

MTS, Russia's leading digital, media and telecommunication services company, has launched a cooperation between its cloud provider arm #CloudMTS and software and cloud distributor Axoft. About 4000 Axoft partners in Russia - system integrators, developers, IT outsourcing and consulting companies - will get the opportunity to implement complex IT projects based on MTS cloud technologies and generate additional income.

Axoft partners will sell #CloudMTS cloud services on their behalf. For example, infrastructure services, virtual desktops, object storage, GPU-accelerated solutions, certified cloud for personal data and government information systems.

The launch of cloud services requires no investment from Axoft's business partners. The #CloudMTS provider and Axoft will provide partners with technical, product and marketing support as well as build dedicated teams of IT specialists and account managers to implement complex projects. Axoft business partners will be able to test their own solutions and customer projects for free on the #CloudMTS virtual infrastructure for up to a month.

"Cooperation with Axoft will allow us to expand our partner network and attract new customers of MTS cloud services. We are ready to share our cloud expertise with partners and implement complex IT projects together. I am sure that by working with partners and distributors on a win-win model, we will strengthen our position and accelerate the digitalisation of Russian business. We have everything for this - a team of professionals, favourable conditions of partner programmes, developed infrastructure throughout the country", said Anastasia Kulina, Head of Partner Relations for Cloud Business at MTS.

"Developing the practice of cloud solutions is one of our main strategic goals. The partnership of Axoft and #CloudMTS with the course on implementation of complex IT projects and expansion of partners' expertise will allow both companies to strengthen their market positions. The #CloudMTS provider actively shares experience and industry knowledge with partners in the retail, finance and IT development industries. This allows Axoft partners to take a new look at implementation of cloud projects for each specific sphere and develop client cases in greater depth", added Vladislav Fefelov, Director of Axoft's Product Expertise Department.

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