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Myki in Partnership with BeMSP

Thomas Bresse, President of BeMSP
Thomas Bresse, President of BeMSP

Myki, the leading password and identity management solution for MSPs, has appointed French cloud VAD BeMSP as its distributor for the French market.

The password and identity management platform offers the security and scalability expected by managed service providers. The portal is centralised, enabling MSPs to manage their customers, their licences and their own team from a single web application. Myki is designed to keep sensitive data stored away from the cloud. Integrated multi-factor authentication is at the heart of the product, providing a strong layer of protection for MSPs and their customers that can only be provided by an offline solution.

Chris Tate, Strategic Alliances Director for Myki, said: "this is a very exciting development for Myki. We see distribution as an excellent marketing channel for us and BeMSP will be an excellent partner in France. We were particularly impressed by their knowledge and passion for the MSP market. They can offer local market knowledge and speak to French MSPs in their own language."

Thomas Bresse, President of BeMSP, added: "we are passionate about the French MSP market and are always looking for innovative MSP solutions. We are delighted to bring MYKI to our market and help managed service providers improve their security practice with a robust password management solution. This is a challenge not only for MSPs themselves but also for their customers. With the rise of cyber attacks, it is important for everyone to protect their assets in the best possible way."

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