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MyMAX Partners with ZVOX to Introduce the AccuVoice AV157 Soundbar in France and Benelux

Jean Perrière, Manager Head of Department Innovation Products at myMAX
Jean Perrière, Manager Head of Department Innovation Products at myMAX

French consumer electronics specialist myMAX has teamed up with ZVOX to present the best-selling TV sound bar from the American audio company AccuVoice AV157 in France and the Benelux.

The AV157 is a very compact sound bar (only 43 cm) with 3 high-performance 50 x 80 mm full-range speakers, a speakers, a 24-watt Class D digital amplifier with Dolby Digital decoding and PhaseCue 3D virtual surround sound. full-space 3D PhaseCue virtual surround sound. But in addition to these features, the AV157 sets itself apart from all its competitors on the market with its AccuVoice hearing instrument technology with 12 levels of dialogue amplification and new SuperVoice technology to reduce annoying background noise.

Many people, regardless of age, have often experienced missing a crucial part of the dialogue because we could not dialogue because we simply couldn't hear or understand the words coming out of the large flat-screen flat screen TVs. So, we go back a little bit and turn up the sound, or ask the person we are watching the video with what was said. In extreme cases, we activate the closed captioning.

The problem is real and it is not necessarily our fault. Over the years, the soundtracks have become denser and the and dialogue has been toned down. TV pictures have become bigger, better and sharper, while speakers have become smaller, cheaper and fuzzier.

ZVOX's AccuVoice and SuperVoice technologies work slightly differently to improve dialogue. dialogue. AccuVoice increases the frequencies at which most monologues or dialogues occur. occur. This brings the voice forward and separates it from the background. SuperVoice reduces background sounds to further to further separate the voice from the mix. ZVOX CEO Tom Hannaher puts it this way: "if you imagine a row of actors on stage, AccuVoice moves the actors forward, while SuperVoice pushes other sounds further back." AccuVoice and SuperVoice each have six levels of enhancement. Taken together, this gives the the user a dozen possible settings.

The AV157 is a versatile soundbar with a moderate MSRP that offers a real solution to a real problem. For most consumers, it makes watching TV or computer video easier and more fun. easier and more enjoyable.

For people with severe hearing loss, it makes it possible to watch TV without a hearing aid and without the need to turn on the without a hearing aid and without the activation of subtitles. The soundstage delivered by this soundbar is impressive, given its compact size.

When using the AV157 as a speaker system for a computer or tablet, the surround effect is and immersive.

"Since 2003, ZVOX has continually reinvented the TV audio system. In 2012, in response to a growing crisis of inaudible TV dialogue, we introduced our AccuVoice feature, which uses hearing aid technology to make voices clear technology to make voices clear, even at low volumes. ZVOX audio is the leader in this technology in the United States and today by choosing myMAX as our exclusive value-added distributor we have decided to launch the AccuVoice - SuperVoice AV157 soundbar in France and the Benelux countries in order to establish our to establish our brand by offering a unique option for the consumer, those who have difficulty hearing dialogue on television", said Tom Hannaher, founder of ZVOX.

"Flat screen TVs are beautiful but have one weakness and that is sound. Many people - of all ages - find it hard to understand the voices in TV programmes. Our special AccuVoice and SuperVoice technology uses hearing aid technology to make voices stand out against background noise or music, so dialogue is very clear - even at low volumes. This technology is built into all our current products, and we sell specialised AccuVoice soundbars that focus on clarifying dialogues", says Tim Leaver, vice president of marketing at ZVOX Audio.

This soundbar has a digital display behind its front grid (controlled by a remote control) that makes it easy to see the sound, AccuVoice and SuperVoice levels. The rear panel of the soundbar has a pair of threaded sockets for easy wall mounting. There are also four sockets, one for power, one for an optical digital cable and two mini-sockets (one for analogue audio input and the other an output for headphones or a subwoofer).

The AV157 is also Alexa compatible via its analogue input socket. Plug in an Echo or Echo Dot, and when the AV157 detects a request or verbal command, it will reduce the volume of whatever you're currently listening to.

The AV157 ZVOX also includes all the necessary accessories in the box:

  • a 1.80m optical digital cable

  • a second cable terminated at both ends with gold-plated mini-jacks

  • a third cable with a mini-plug at one end and RCA sockets at the other

  • two screws for wall mounting

  • and a very readable remote control, plus two AAA batteries to operate it

"It is important to point out the fact that the ZVOX AV157 sound bar has no competitor on the market, which allows the specialist shops selling this product to have a truly differentiating product in the midst of many brands among which the consumer of increasingly difficult to make a choice when buying a sound bar! It should also be noted that 7 million people in France are currently hearing impaired", adds Jean Perrière, Manager Head of Department Innovation Products at myMAX.

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