NETGEAR Signs Distribution Agreement with Algam Entreprises

Didier Perez, managing director of Algam Entreprises
Didier Perez, managing director of Algam Entreprises

Network vendor NETGEAR has announced a distribution agreement with Algam Entreprises, a distributor of audio, video and lighting equipment.

Algam Entreprises is a division of the Algam group and addresses professionals, installers and Audio, Video, Light providers with a portfolio of various brands. Algam Entreprises represents today more than thirty brands, all more prestigious than the others, and benefits from the recognition of the scenic and institutional field.

The distributor Algam Entreprises is thus a specialist of the AV universe whose passionate teams developed a sharp expertise in the fields of audio, video, and light, and whose mission is to help with the realisation of the installations, integrations and services in particular thanks to :

  • a technical office intended to accompany the customers throughout their projects with solutions to measure, adapted to their needs

  • a sales team available and technically competent

  • an after-sales service of 20 people

  • a structured and efficient logistics department

NETGEAR is therefore integrating this prestigious portfolio to logically complete the Algam Enterprise ecosystem and meet the growing demands of AV over IP deployments. NETGEAR's Pro AV Switches, including the AV Line M4300 and M4250, help simplify the delivery of audio and video over IP networks by providing an intuitive, pre-configured user experience for equipment traditionally reserved for IT specialists.

"NETGEAR will help Algam Entreprises to promote its solutions and to train the service providers involved. NETGEAR will provide its partners with the services of its Pro AV Design team, entirely dedicated to AV over IP projects, free of charge. This team will be able to share its pre-sales advice and provide support during deployments for partners wishing to provide the best service to their customers", concludes Didier Perez, managing director of Algam Entreprises.