New Organisation and Management for KOMSA

KOMSA CEO and CFO Pierre-Pascal Urbon
KOMSA CEO and CFO Pierre-Pascal Urbon

The management board of German distribution group KOMSA has decided to simplify the corporate law structure of the group and sharpens its strategic orientation.

KOMSA will halve the number of subsidiaries at home and abroad and simplify processes. The change will make KOMSA more adaptable and allow it to adapt even better to its industrial and commercial partners. "Within the last two months, a team of more than 30 Komsians worked out the future structure of the KOMSA-Group in an agile project and planned the implementation steps", explains KOMSA CEO and CFO Pierre-Pascal Urbon. "With the more compact group structure, we are creating the prerequisites for successfully implementing the planned internationalisation. We are acting from a position of strength in order to set the course for the further growth of our company."

The structural measures, which are to be completed by the end of the year, will lead to an increase in structural profitability. "In implementing the measures, we are following the KOMSA path, which does not envisage large-scale job cuts. Rather, we want to use the unique skills and competencies of our employees to consistently expand our strategic business areas", says Pierre-Pascal Urbon.

In the future, KOMSA will bundle the entire IT trading business in one company. aetka AG will remain responsible for Germany's largest cooperation with over 2,000 specialist retailers. The high-turnover strategic business field of IT retailing will continue to be the responsibility of Sales Director Steffen Ebner.

With the strategic business field of services, KOMSA is opening up the growing market of IoT service applications. Here, the Hartmannsdorf-based company will combine the unique skills of logistics and repair with the capabilities of hardware procurement and AI-supported data analysis. Pierre-Pascal Urbon will be responsible for the expansion of the service business in the future.