• Alain Godet

NFON Partners with Aubelio

Frédéric Lagarrigue, President of Aubelio
Frédéric Lagarrigue, President of Aubelio

Cloud-based PBX vendor NFON has unveiled a partnership with Aubelio, a French network, security and communication VAD.

Laurent Lhermitte, Managing Director of NFON France, said: "we are very pleased with this partnership with Aubelio. Its high-level technological expertise and in-depth knowledge of the French market match the simplicity, efficiency and reliability of NFON's portfolio of cloud communication solutions."

With the distribution of Cloudya, a telephony system in the cloud, Aubelio completes its offer as a distributor and broadens its sales concept. Cloudya is characterised by its simplicity thanks to the intuitive use of a powerful suite of applications, its independence and ability to be used on any device and anywhere in the world, and as a complete mobile solution. Cloudya is also reliable thanks to a highly available architecture, a geo-redundant infrastructure and the highest standards of data protection.

Frédéric Lagarrigue, President of Aubelio, adds: "companies no longer want to invest in obsolete or rigid technologies, they want to use the advantages of the cloud also in communication. NFON has the solutions and takes into account at a very high level the needs of value-added resellers and managed service providers. Cloudya is the most relevant offer on the market to provide an alternative to traditional telephony."

Aubelio is also adding Nvoice for Microsoft Teams to its portfolio. With Nvoice for Microsoft Teams, customers receive two communication platforms in a single offer: Microsoft Office 365 with Microsoft Teams and Cloudya - a transparent connection is created for the end user that gives him access to the world of PSTN.

Laurent Lhermitte explains: "the customer demands a perfect professional solution and highly functional telephone functions. We managed to merge the best of both worlds. It's freedom in corporate communication."

This partnership is aimed at companies of all sizes and from all branches in France and will open up new business opportunities for companies and their respective customers. "With the addition of Cloudya to its portfolio, Aubelio is demonstrating the desire of both distributor and customer to make simple and reliable corporate communication accessible. Digitalisation and the numerous transformation processes must be supported by intelligent and simple communication solutions. This is exactly what Aubelio offers its customers and is part of a broader transformation process within the framework of the customer's strategy. This means that we create synergies to provide the best possible service", concludes Laurent Laffitte.