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Northbaze Distribution Announces Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro Benelux

Joram Sluijter, Sr. Business Unit Manager at Ingram Micro BV
Joram Sluijter, Sr. Business Unit Manager at Ingram Micro BV

Northbaze Distribution, part of Northbaze Group AB has signed an agreement with Ingram Micro for the distribution of Northbaze products in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Northbaze, a Swedish company focused on mobile accessories with brands such as Copter, Krusell, Kavaj and Jays in its product range, further strengthens its presence in the Benelux market by partnering with broadliner Ingram Micro in a strong market for audio and mobile accessories.

Joining forces with Ingram Micro gives Northbaze significant commercial access to Benelux end users through Ingram Micro's distribution partners, both within the consumer and B2B markets.

"Ingram Micro is very proud to add Northbaze Group to its supplier portfolio. Brands like Krusell, Jays and Copter strengthen our A-brand portfolio of accessories. Krusell, with its high-quality leather smartphone and headset cases, fits in well and is back after an absence from the Benelux market. Jays offers high-quality audio products and Copter is one of the leading brands in screen protection in the Nordics. All these brands fit perfectly into our brand strategy for mobile accessories. Finally, Krusell's own factory in Thailand has environmental compliance and social compliance very high on its agenda. Issues that are very important to us when taking on new suppliers and brands", says Joram Sluijter, Sr. Business Unit Manager at Ingram Micro BV.

"It is an exciting time for us to be back in the Benelux market. History has shown how important it is to have a strong presence in the Benelux and we are very happy to be back. Moreover, this is a crucial step for us as a company in a broader strategy to grow our export business", says Henrik Andersson, CEO of Northbaze Group AB.

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