Nura Becomes new Brand Partner of Exertis France

Fabrice Pierga, Managing Director of Exertis France
Fabrice Pierga, Managing Director of Exertis France

Retail distributor Exertis France has unveiled a partnership with the brand Nura. Founded in 2016, the Australian brand stands out for its circum- and in-ear headphones that can be adapted to the hearing of each individual for a tailor-made musical experience.

"Exertis will support Nura's development on the French market with the distribution of its two flagship products, the Nuraphone and the Nuraloop", explains Fabrice Pierga, Managing Director of Exertis France.

The Nuraphone is the first headset in the world that learns automatically. At its core, a self-learning engine is built into the Nuraphone and adapts to the user's hearing, allowing them to experience their favourite music for the first time.

  • adjusts its sound system to your hearing in just a few minutes

  • creates and recognises the user's unique listening profile

The Nuraloop features Nura's award-winning custom sound technology in a lightweight, portable and compact form. Featuring the same technology as the Nuraphone, the Nuraloop also benefits from

  • an innovation in Bluetooth headset design

  • more than 16 hours of autonomy

  • active noise cancellation, social mode, TouchDial and wireless controls, immersive bass and the ability to be used as in-ear monitors for musicians