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OCS Distribution Launches Pradeo in Russia

Maksim Sorokin, president of OCS Distribution
Maksim Sorokin, president of OCS Distribution

French vendor Pradeo, one of the world leaders in the mobile security segment, enters the Russian market for the first time, in cooperation with broadliner OCS Distribution, Russia's leading project IT distributor.

Recognised as one of the most advanced mobile data security technologies by Gartner, IDC and Frost & Sullivan, Pradeo Security helps detect mobile threats, prevent data leaks from mobile devices and applications and ensures that the level of data protection complies with various protocols and regulations. Pradeo software products seamlessly complement the functionality of existing UEM/MDM solutions on the market, expanding the security capabilities of mobile devices.

Pradeo Security offers the following functionality:

  • Mobile Threat Defense - a Mobile Threat Defense solution that provides multi-layered real-time protection for mobile devices (COPE, BYOD, Android, iOS).

  • providing secure mobile services to a workgroup that uses unmanaged devices - Secure Private Store solution that offers secure delivery of mobile services to BYOD devices without management.

  • providing the required level of mobile application security - Mobile Application Security Testing solution that provides data on suspicious activities and vulnerabilities in applications by click. It is delivered as a ready-to-use web platform or API for integration into the developer interface.

  • Mobile Application Information and Transaction Data Protection is an embedded security module for embedding in mobile applications to protect them behind the company perimeter.

Maksim Sorokin, president of OCS Distribution, explains: "we have taken over the promotion of Pradeo software products in Russia on exclusive terms. The company has strong expertise in the areas of infrastructure software and information security, which allows it to supply the Russian IT market with various software and hardware solutions and IS tools, train dealers and their customers, and develop the market of products for the digital transformation of business for the past two decades. OCS profile specialists, including the company's preailers and engineers, have already completed the necessary training on Pradeo solutions and are ready to start expanding the expertise of channel players."

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