• Alain Godet

Oxygen Partners with Guardian360

Khalid Laban, founder and CEO of Oxygen DMCC

Network and security VAD Oxygen DMCC has signed a distribution agreement with Guardian360, a Dutch security software company which scans and monitors IT environments and web applications for vulnerabilities daily and which identifies whether these issues result in a deviation the security standards. This deal will enable Oxygen DMCC to support its partners in Dubai to protect clients even better.

"Companies are increasingly realising that information security is crucial for their business continuity. They have to deal with compliance issues and are looking for solutions in the field of information security. Most tools on the market are expert tools you need for a 24/7 operation security center. Oxygen DMCC is able to offer their partners state-of-the-art security services without the need for additional security staff", says Jan Martijn Broekhof, managing director at Guardian360.

Guardian360 consists of multiple scanners which are constantly in- and around your network searching for weak spots or vulnerabilities in both the security of network and web applications. If despite all forms of security and scanning, a network intruder or hacker is to compromise your network, the Guardian360 Hacker Alert sets off a silent alarm. "We call it 'Managed Security'. Our partners experience is as a 'good night rest'", adds Jan Martijn Broekhof.

Khalid Laban, founder and CEO of Oxygen DMCC, believes that Guardian360 is a platform on which several services can be delivered: "we are happy to introduce this innovative solution to our market, that add unique value and fixes a big problem in the cyber-security space. Guardian360 Vulnerability Scanner constantly scans your network for vulnerabilities and then reports them in easy-to-understand language. I am sure many cyber-professionals will want to test this solution in their environment as we already have early successes in the region. We are happy to introduce this innovative solution to our market that add unique value and fixes a big problem in the cyber-security space."

The deal was signed after a virtual meeting during ITdistri Innovation Hours. ITdistri Innovation Hours help value vendors and distributors meet online through a series of targeted webinars. The first two editions allowed almost 140 meetings between 11 value IT security vendors and 90 distributors, corporate resellers and system integrators from the whole EMEA region. Other editions are planned, covering the security, infrastructure, storage, voice and video-over-IP markets.