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Pedab Distributes Inspur in Baltics, France and the Nordics

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Claus Stensbjerg, VP of the Infrastructure Development & Client Computing division of Pedab
Claus Stensbjerg, VP of the Infrastructure Development & Client Computing division of Pedab

Infrastructure and security VAD Pedab has been appointed an authorised distributor for Inspur Information in all Pedab Group countries, that is Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

Inspur Information, the fastest growing server vendor in the world, is ranked within the world’s top three server manufacturers, offering IT products and services that caters for customers in more than 110 countries globally. Pedab operates in eight countries and will now work together with Inspur Information to establish the brand in what is relatively new markets for them.

We are delighted to have Pedab as a new cooperation partner with whom we can serve the channels and end customers in Baltics, France and the Nordics”, says Ulf Thalin, Senior Director and head of Inspur Information Sweden. “The cooperation combines the strengths of two parties. Pedab is clearly the place to go for partners and customers who are looking to challenge the market with innovations, all from technology and business models to logistics. With Inspur Information’s continuous work to make life easier with cutting edge products and technologies, we will jointly be able to exceed customer expectations.

From information to intelligence, Inspur Information’s solution for the future is always computing, which enables productivity. As one of the world’s leading providers of IT infrastructure products and solutions for cloud data centres, Inspur Information fully embraces intelligent computing. Their servers are now ranked amongst world’s top three. The technology Inspur Information brings to the market perfectly fits the gap in Pedab’s current portfolio, making this an exciting new vendor for Pedab to bring into their ecosystem.

Pedab is very excited about our new partnership with Inspur Information”, says Claus Stensbjerg, VP of the Infrastructure Development & Client Computing division. “The brand is already very well established in other parts of the world, and we are looking forward to working with them as the challenger in our local market. Inspur compliments our portfolio perfectly and we are very excited to be offering their technology in new markets.

With Inspur Information’s eight R&D centres and six production facilities they will continue to offer innovative technology, which Pedab can help bring to the market. Inspur Information is the largest AI server provider and the 5th largest storage provider in the world. They have also constructed an intelligent factory to bring the industry from hyperscale standardisation to customisation. Thus, Inspur Information creates possibility and competitiveness for the customer in the intelligent era, which they believe is the answer to the future.

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