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Pinnacle Introduces Cybersecurity Solutions

Gerhard Gouws, Managing Executive of Pinnacle Enterprise Solutions
Gerhard Gouws, Managing Executive of Pinnacle Enterprise Solutions

South African broadliner Pinnacle has introduced its new Cybersecurity division – Cybersecurity Solutions.

The launch of Pinnacle’s cybersecurity offering comes as digital transformation for many organisations is still very much on-going, despite being catapulted into operating remotely and digitally throughout the last 12 months.

Businesses big or small, should not be left exposed and vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks, instead we should plan for that eventuality. It’s like an insurance plan on your company data. You do not want to be caught without it. It is said that there are two types of cybersecurity customers; those who have had a security breach and those who are still going to have a security breach.

All entities must ensure compliance by 1 July 2021 for South Africa’s data protection law, POPIA, and tying into this is the Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Bill. The Bill is set to address cybercrime and cybersecurity in South Africa and introduce several provisions aimed at protecting data subjects from data breaches. This Bill and POPIA will, in collaboration, broaden the South African legislative framework relating to data protection and privacy, and bring South Africa in line with the international guidelines.

After spending numerous months investigating the market to find industry-leading brands that are affordable but do not compromise on the highest level of cybersecurity, the Pinnacle Enterprise team (known as Pinnes) were extremely pleased to not only find one, but three exceptional vendors to bring to the local market, Comodo, Guardicore and Stormshield.

Ensuring your company and your clients are protected from cyber-attacks has become increasingly important over the last few years as one hacker could affect the lives of millions. As a leading ICT distributor, Pinnacle is committed to providing our customers with peace of mind when it comes to protecting their data. Pinnacle is constantly growing and evolving, and we are looking forward to seeing where Cybersecurity Solutions will take us”, concluded Gerhard Gouws, Managing Executive of Pinnacle Enterprise Solutions.

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