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PRIM'X and Itancia Sign a Distribution Agreement in France

Mathieu Leduc, Head of Cybersecurity & Software Sales at Itancia
Mathieu Leduc, Head of Cybersecurity & Software Sales at Itancia

Itancia Technology, an eco-friendly value-added distributor specialising in communication, collaboration, network and cybersecurity solutions for businesses, and PRIM'X, the French leader in encryption software for public and private organisations, today announced the signing of a distribution agreement in France.

Itancia Technology, the distribution activity of the Itancia Group, is strengthening its portfolio of cybersecurity offers by adding these solutions to manage the confidentiality of stored and exchanged data. PRIM'X's ambition is to make encryption a Data Confidentiality Management tool, i.e. to provide a new way of applying encryption in an organisation for better protection of sensitive data against loss, theft, exfiltration, publication and economic espionage.

PRIM'X encryption solutions aim to effectively fight against unauthorised access to sensitive local or remote information, stored or exchanged. These solutions allow to set up a cryptographic partitioning of data between users and also prohibit unauthorised access to data by third parties.

The majority of PRIM'X products are EAL3+ certified, qualified as Standard by the ANSSI and approved for the protection of documents marked Restricted, NATO and EU Restricted.

Mathieu Leduc, Head of Cybersecurity & Software Sales at Itancia, said: "we are very pleased to sign this distribution partnership with PRIM'X, a fast growing French player. With this new agreement, we complete our catalogue of cybersecurity solutions and clearly assert our positioning in this key market. PRIM'X solutions, made in France, will allow us to expand our offer with new generation encryption software and to respond to our customers' projects."

"Working with Itancia, an expert in enterprise solutions, was a natural choice for us. We can draw on their experience, expand our network of distributors in France, and reach out to younger or smaller companies that don't know us yet, that would like to be supported in setting up their IT solutions, or that don't feel concerned by encryption at the moment. At PRIM'X, we encourage companies and local authorities to put in place comprehensive data privacy policies, regardless of their size or sector of activity. In 2022, these public and private organisations must become fully aware that the value of their data is not what they attribute to it, but what an attacker gives it", adds Guillaume Schapman, Head of SME Sales at PRIM'X.

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