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ProHacktive and Itancia Sign a Distribution Agreement in Europe and Africa

Mathieu Leduc, Head of Cybersecurity & Software Sales at Itancia
Mathieu Leduc, Head of Cybersecurity & Software Sales at Itancia

Telecom and network VAD Itancia is ready, thanks to a new partnership, to offer ProHacktive to all its partners in Europe and Africa. Itancia is strengthening its portfolio of cybersecurity offerings by adding this plug-and-play solution, which provides real-time alerts on vulnerabilities in the corporate network.

A simple and intuitive interface lists all network equipment and highlights the vulnerabilities for each piece of equipment. The proposed remediation options will enable companies to strengthen the protection of their IS at their own pace and in an autonomous manner. Thus, they will be able to easily consolidate the security of their system and limit the impact of possible computer attacks. While guaranteeing the security of customer data, the Sherlock box also offers the generation of customisable reports, means of notification to permanently monitor the state of its network, and the possibility of customising audits according to its strategy for strengthening the security of its IS.

Mathieu Leduc, Head of Cybersecurity & Software Sales at Itancia, said: "we are very pleased to sign this distribution partnership with ProHacktive. This new agreement completes our portfolio of cybersecurity solutions, and we can now offer our customers a diversified range of products, including this new modern risk assessment and control product against cyber-attacks."

Benoit Malchrowicz, CEO at ProHacktive, confirms: "risk management is indeed a major issue at the moment. The democratisation of hacking tools calls for a sovereign response, financially and technically accessible to the entire economic fabric. As part of its French and international development, ProHacktive is delighted to take a new step through this partnership with Itancia, a leading distributor of technological solutions. We also fully support the recognised eco-responsible commitment of our new partner, a dimension that is now essential to a successful relationship."

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