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QBS Moves Up On Fast Track With International Sales Growth

Dave Stevinson, chief executive officer at QBS
Dave Stevinson, chief executive officer at QBS

Worldwide sales at QBS are growing fast, moving the firm up 23 places to 40th on the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 league table for the UK's mid-market private companies.

According to Oxford research and events firm Fast Track, software VAD QBS achieved international sales growth of 76% over two years -- considerably higher than the average of 55% over two years managed by the 199 other firms ranked in the league.

Dave Stevinson, chief executive officer at QBS, said the placing demonstrates the traction the UK company has gained by extending its platform across Europe : "we now have over 30% of our revenues coming from outside the UK and Ireland. It shows how scalable the platform is across new geographies and the ease of use irrespective of language. We have been recognised by Bloomberg, London Stock Exchange and now Fast Track. If you combine this with various industry and supplier awards, it evidences that we are remaining true to our vision and excelling in our execution."

QBS's success is down to its dedicated, hardworking team of 79 as well as the special features of the software delivery platform. The QBS platform carefully blends the benefits of process automation with the hands-on skill of the company's licensing experts, Stevinson added. "Last year we were included on the list as a fast-growing international company. This year we are back on with an even faster growth trajectory, during a global pandemic with international travel curtailed", he said.

"We are easy to do business with. Dedicated to enterprise software, we have the systems, automation, and experts to accelerate the buying process and make transactions quicker and more cost effective for publisher and enterprise alike. The QBS Renewals Management System is a stand-out piece of technology that helps publishers enhance the net retention rate and enterprises manage their software assets effectively", he added.

Wembley-based QBS delivered sustained growth in international sales revenues both in terms of the amount of partners utilising the platform and volumes transacted through the platform.

Fast Track also noted the company's ability to remain on the acquisition trail despite Covid-19: QBS' acquisition of German firm Compuwave in September 2020 was its third since the onset of the pandemic.

Amanda Murphy, head of commercial banking at HSBC UK, said the companies on the International Track 200 have demonstrated strength, ambition and resilience that enabled them to ratchet up exports even though businesses were facing uncertainty over Brexit.

"All eyes are on the companies that will drive a return to growth in 2021. We are confident that the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit of businesses such as those listed in the International Track 200 will carry them forward", Murphy said.

Stevinson said QBS is totally dedicated to delivering enterprise software via the enterprise's reseller of choice: "we offer a fast, reliable and accurate service, enabling over 9000 software publishers to take their software to market in the most efficient manner. Our team of licensing experts work with software publishers to strategically identify the right reseller partners and predict the enterprises most likely to engage."

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