Reliable Solutions from Stratus Technologies Available through ASBIS Ukraine

Marek Horyl, Product Marketing Director for ASBIS
Marek Horyl, Product Marketing Director for ASBIS

Broadliner ASBIS Ukraine and fault-tolerant computer vendor Stratus Technologies have officially started distribution partnership. Stratus Technologies is a world leader in the development and construction of industrial-grade infrastructure computing systems, including fail-safe stand-alone server solutions, robust, high-load systems, flexible enterprise application management systems, and peripheral computing systems and networks.

Stratus Technologies works reliably in the heavy, oil and gas, metallurgical, energy, urban utilities, communications, transport, financial and banking, trade and healthcare industries. Based on the developments of Stratus Technologies, they build "smart city" and "smart home" systems, IoT, as well as general public safety systems.

"Stratus Technologies solutions are characterised by a high level of resilience to failures, which is a record 99.9999% per year, the lowest among the systems of the same class, the total cost of ownership, as well as ease of management and ease of maintenance. These are reliable, secure and well-scalable solutions", explains Marek Horyl, Product Marketing Director for ASBIS.

Stratus Technologies offers solutions based on the ftServer and ftServer V Series server platforms, as well as software components:

  • The integrated ftServer server platform provides high availability of computing services. Simplified deployment capabilities are provided. The platform is easy to manage and maintain. Typically, ftServer is used in mission-critical business processes and applications. Operation of the system maximises profitability, increases quality and productivity, and also has the minimum indicators of total cost of ownership.

  • The Stratus ftServer V Series software and hardware platform is a powerful computing system optimised for processing large volumes of transactions. The platform implements patented technologies for backup and self-diagnostics of subsystems. The fault-tolerant architecture of the V Series solution provides high availability of computing services, scalability and performance. V Series platforms are used, for example, in corporate data centres, payment processing systems and similar systems that work around the clock under heavy load.

  • The everRun Enterprise software warns of downtime in the provision of computing services, ensures business continuity and data integrity, provides the ability to run enterprise applications and services. Secure and easy-to-use software solution supports industry-standard hardware and has a built-in virtualisation system to run applications running Windows and Linux operating systems.