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Reorganisation for Omega and ACP TechRent

Günter Neubauer, CEO of Omega Group and Managing director of ACP TechRent
Günter Neubauer, CEO of Omega Group and Managing director of ACP TechRent

With the separation of the direct and indirect distribution channels into two independent companies, Austrian distribution group Omega is setting an important course for the future. In future, all activities with direct customers will be handled by reseller structure ACP TechRent GmbH, while the distribution business will be handled by broadliner Omega Handels GmbH. This reorganisation also brings changes in the top management: Günter Neubauer hands over the Omega helm to Florian Wallner after 30 years and moves to the top of ACP TechRent as CEO himself. He will be supported by Alfred Reinprecht as COO and Alexander Cekic as CTO.

Omega Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H., which has now been on the market for around 30 years, is, in addition to its main activity as one of the leading IT distributors in the country, also a competent contact for tenders in the public sector and for large IT projects of nationally and internationally active companies. The company's size, staff know-how, flexibility and liquidity have always guaranteed professional project handling and high customer satisfaction.

Günter Neubauer moves to the top of ACP TechRent. "If you want to survive in the market, you have to be reliable, fast and nimble and provide security and orientation. I am convinced that the reorganisation of our companies is the right step to continue the successful growth path in both business fields in the long term. Continuous growth and the need for specialisation led to the decision to transfer the two sales channels indirectly and directly into two independent companies, thus creating a clear channel focus", says Günter Neubauer about the background of this step.

As a founding member of Omega, Neubauer was in charge of the largest owner-managed IT distributor in the country since 1991. With the reorganisation, he is leaving the management of Omega. In future, as CEO, he will devote himself fully to the further expansion of the direct customer business, which has been bundled in the existing TechRent GmbH since 2007, which will be strengthened in the course of this and renamed ACP TechRent GmbH. All activities with direct customers will be handled by ACP TechRent GmbH, while the distribution business will remain with Omega.

Florian Wallner will remain with Omega. The previous CFO was largely responsible for the financial strategic development of the company and also supported business development in Austria and international markets. In the course of the restructuring, he will be promoted to CEO and will be responsible for strengthening and expanding the distribution business.

"Omega continues to unite the most renowned IT hardware manufacturers under one distribution umbrella and impresses with a large selection on the domestic IT market. We offer perfect warehouse logistics, high product availability and best accessibility at top prices. By splitting the direct and indirect business into two companies, we will be able to position ourselves even more clearly on the market in the future and express our position as the leading IT distributor in Austria even more strongly", says Florian Wallner.

Alfred Reinprecht joins ACP TechRent as new COO. In future, Alfred Reinprecht will be responsible for the operational business of ACP TechRent as Chief Operations Officer. After holding positions at Sony, Telekom Austria, Kapsch and AKG Acoustics, Reinprecht joined Omega as Director Distribution Sales in 2014. He has many years of industry know-how and will be responsible for the operational planning, further development and implementation of ACP TechRent's smart IT portfolio.

"We have the smart solution for every challenge and successfully bring projects of all sizes to the ground. From equipping a digital meeting room to large LED installations with associated services and content to complex roll-out services. With JustPrint and JustManage, we are also unrivalled in the managed services sector", Alfred Reinprecht emphasises the positioning of ACP TechRent. "Our customers can be sure of our independence and that they always receive the best solutions at the best price. They also benefit from the strength of the entire ACP platform, as we bundle different competences and innovative technologies for them as a digital competence centre."

The new management team is completed by Alexander Cekic, who is promoted to CTO of ACP TechRent. In this role, he is responsible for the technical operation and technological development of the managed services software (JustPrint and JustManage) and the smart IT portfolio, which he has played a leading role in developing and building up in recent years.

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