RLVNT to Distribute Cutting-Edge Therabody in Nordic and Benelux Markets

Martin Liljegren, Co-founder of RLVNT
Martin Liljegren, Co-founder of RLVNT

A leader in sports and lifestyle technology, the Swedish company RLVNT Distribution AB will now begin distributing Therabody wellness products within the Nordic and Benelux markets through its offices in Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden. The deal with Therabody (formerly Theragun) marks another major step in RLVNT’s mission to make professional-grade sports recovery products available to everyday consumers.

Once a secret weapon of professional athletes, Theragun massage guns (also known as percussion massagers) are now widely known to speed up recovery and muscle repair, reduce muscle tension and improve movement and flexibility.

The first Theragun, invented and designed in 2009 by American wellness tech pioneer and CEO Dr. Jason Wersland, quickly gained market popularity. The technology has since evolved, and percussive massage has now become standard practice among professional sports therapists across the globe. With demand continuing to grow, Therabody's product portfolio now includes TheraFace facial health devices, RecoveryAir compression systems, Wave Series vibrating rollers and PowerDot muscle stimulators.

The distribution agreement with RLVNT covers both the Nordic and Benelux markets and aims to make professional-grade sports recovery products more accessible to consumers. It will also strengthen RLVNT’s current position as the leading distributor of innovative sports technology to consumer-electronic, sports and wellness customers in these markets”, says Jason Wersland, CEO of Therabody.

Therabody and its trusted products are well established among professional sports teams, athletes, trainers, and physical therapists. But the products are also the perfect tools for anyone who wants to take charge of their wellness. We are thrilled to bring Therabody’s unique products to our markets and ultimately work with Therabody to make people feel better, perform better and live life on their terms”,says Martin Liljegren, Co-founder of RLVNT.