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Scirge Appoints Minitel for Portugal

João George, director of Minitel NEXT
João George, director of Minitel NEXT

With the help of a market study by ITdistri, Hungarian security vendor Scirge has appointed Portuguese distributor Minitel and its NEXT value division as an official distributor in the country.

"Over 92% of companies in Portugal are SMBs with an average smaller headcount than in other European countries, addressing a 10-million-inhabitant country. Smaller SMBs are known to be versatile and, sometimes, that means that to perform certain functions, they rely on PaaS platforms that are accessible for certain functions of their business like CRM, E-Mail Marketing, Advertising, Lead Collecting, Resource Administration… The result is that these Shadow IT applications are largely taking over organisations, whose IT managers start to struggle with who is using what, with what permission and what passwords. Not only is this a business risk given that companies often fail to understand that they are spending hundreds of euros a month on applications that are often not being used but, also, it constitutes a security risk as users tend to re-use passwords that can be exfiltrated by Browser Phishing Scams", explains João George, director of Minitel NEXT. "As a VAD, we listen to our 2200 resellers and have dealt with this problem often in 2021 and in 2022, which prompted us to search for a solution that could manage this problem, was adequate in terms of price for our market and was user friendly enough to be an asset to these companies, bringing the management of assets back to IT Management Personnel."

Following a market study, Minitel NEXT found very quickly that Scirge was the right solution for us as it has four major advantages:

  1. its user friendly platform is both comprehensive and intuitive, allowing an IT manager to set policies in order to either block or advise against the use of certain passwords, as well as allowing the IT manager to institute a change policy for these and, in addition, it sets itself up quickly giving you an instant visibility of where all your users are using which passwords, which tackles the problem of “who is using what application”;

  2. the solution comes from a market with a structure that is similar to ours so, that way, the solution fits the purchasing power of Portuguese companies ( unlike the majority of the solutions that are developed for larger markets like the USA, where companies have, on average, a much higher number of users, which makes it complicated for our companies to be able to afford these solutions without overspending);

  3. the people behind Scirge are committed into continuously improving the solution, which is something that as a VAD we always want to see;

  4. with the expected increase of fines and GDPR adoption rates, it provides an easy and quality way to ensure compliance on the password and data front.

Minitel NEXT thinks that the Scirge solution is perfect for MSPs catering to SMBs, as well as for large enterprises who are running a multi-device and multi-location operation, where compliance and security risks are becoming big issues. "Our target is to establish Scirge as a valuable alternative to address these risks and compliance headaches, making the solution a leader in the market of Portugal", concludes João George.

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