• Alain Godet

SentryOne Partners with QBS Technology

Andreea Dumitrescu, Commercial Director for QBS Technology Group
Andreea Dumitrescu, Commercial Director for QBS Technology Group

SentryOne today announced a new partnership with QBS Distribution, a London-based distributor of software solutions to more than 240,000 organisations worldwide with offices in France, Ireland, Lithuania and the United Kingdom. The new relationship will simplify the process of selecting and purchasing SentryOne top-rated Database Performance Monitoring and DataOps solutions for data professionals managing systems across the Microsoft data platform, including SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.

"As an established and well-respected software provider with reach across EMEA, QBS Distribution can shorten the cycle for data managers who could benefit from SentryOne data management solutions”, said Mike Lambert, SentryOne President of Field Operations. “Known for exceptional customer service and speedy delivery, QBS is the ideal partner to help bring our top-rated technology to DataOps teams across Europe.

By offering best-in-class software and SaaS solutions from SentryOne, QBS Distribution can help data managers optimise data delivery, accelerate data estate modernisation initiatives, plan and execute cloud migrations, and right-size cloud database workloads.

SentryOne SQL Sentry helps DBAs proactively manage performance of SQL Server and Azure SQL Database running in hybrid environments or on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). SentryOne Document helps DBAs and data architects automate database documentation and analyse data lineage to understand data interdependencies and manage compliance with data privacy regulations. Task Factory eliminates tedious programming for data warehouse managers by providing high-performing SSIS components that connect to dozens of disparate data sources

By offering SentryOne solutions, QBS Software will increase opportunities for helping data teams efficiently and cost-effectively manage data assets.

SentryOne is a leading Database Performance Monitoring and DataOps solutions provider in the market”, said Andreea Dumitrescu, Commercial Director for QBS Technology Group. “I am confident that our partnership will enable us to reach more data professionals in EMEA and grow channel sales across Europe.