Servisoft Prints on Evolis

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Gabriela Seruca, the managing director of Servisoft
Gabriela Seruca, the managing director of Servisoft

Portuguese smart object and accessory specialist Servisoft has recently signed a distribution partnership with Evolis, a French brand of badge printers. The distributor will push Evolis' Badgy line of printers and related accessories in the country, through its retailer network.

"We are always looking for new, innovative products to push in Portugal. Badgy is such a brand, with design and original printers which perfectly fit in our portfolio", explains Gabriela Seruca, the managing director of Servisoft. "The Badgy printers include an easy-to-use software with several templates, making it straightforward to print plastic badges for any kind of needs."

Servisoft discovered Badgy through ChannelHub, the business network that instantly matching retailers, distributors and vendors from around the globe, dramatically squeezing time-to-market and lowering scouting costs. ChannelHub is a sister-company of ITdistri, both sharing their database for the profit of the channel.

"ChannelHub gives a voice to startups and helps them establish very fast a network of distributors and key clients. From the point of view of a distributor, we get easily interfaced with a multiple choice of products and companies that otherwise would be difficult to realise they even exist", explains Gabriela Seruca, who has already found several new vendors through ChannelHub. "Evolis is the third vendor we signed thanks to ChannelHub. And we plan to find many more through ChannelHub services, including their upcoming EMEA Retail Connect 1-to-1 which will take place at the beginning of November."

Launched in 2019, ChannelHub gathers 300 vendors with more than 500 retailers and distributors from the whole EMEA region. Its matchmaking algorithm defined more than 50000 matches, out of which almost 2000 have been confirmed by the parties.