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Siklu and Exertis Enterprise Partner to Deliver Wireless Connectivity

James Ward, Managing Director Exertis Enterprise Solutions
James Ward, Managing Director Exertis Enterprise Solutions

Infrastructure VAD Exertis Enterprise and Siklu, a global market leader in millimetre-wave wireless solutions, have announced a distribution agreement that will greatly expand Siklu’s reach to wireless connectivity resellers, data centres, integrators, service providers and OEMs in Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Nordics and the United Kingdom.

Exertis Enterprise has been supplying Ethernet, Fibre Channel and InfiniBand networks for nearly two decades and can supply networks for the campus, the data centre, storage and high-performance computing deployments. As part of the arrangement, Exertis Enterprise will carry and distribute Siklu’s millimetre wave wireless solutions to its vertical markets.

The UK and Europe leading distributor will be able to supply its new and existing customers with the full Siklu product range, which includes radios in the 60 GHz and 70/80GHz bands. Products offered through Exertis Enterprise will include Siklu’s EtherHaul Hundred Series and EtherHaul Kilo Series that can support deployments with up to 10 Gb throughput, and up to 6.9 km, as well as the MultiHaul Series for automatically aligning rapid deployment.

James Ward, Managing Director Exertis Enterprise Solutions, said: "Siklu leads the millimetre wave radio market, and offers excellent fibre extension solutions, for delivering multi-gigabit connectivity free from 5GHz interference. Siklu’s mmWave radios provide fibre-like performance with the speed and flexibility of a wireless deployment. For companies in time-pressured industries, applying Siklu wireless connectivity solutions to the already existing networks helps shorten the deployment timelines. The agreement between Exertis Enterprise and Siklu will allow many UK and European businesses, as well as public organisations, to have the unprecedented access to best-in-class mmWave wireless connectivity."

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