Softprom Becomes a Distributor of SimSpace

Pavlo Zhdanovych, founder and managing director of the Softprom group of companies
Pavlo Zhdanovych, founder and managing director of the Softprom group of companies

Simspace, a leading developer of cybersecurity risk management platforms, has announced the signing of a distribution contract with Ukrainian VAD Softprom.

According to the contract, Softprom will promote and distribute the SimSpace platform in the following countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine and several European countries, including Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

"Much of Europe is constantly facing a growing threat to its national security, including attacks on financial systems, critical infrastructure and common cybersecurity interests", said Jason Cowie, SimSpace's vice president of global partner sales. "We are proud to work with Softprom to provide solutions that can help train incident response and test both technologies and processes to protect against advanced cybercriminals."

SimSpace offers the world's most reliable and realistic cyberspace platform for testing security processes in an organization.

The company provides security checks, evaluating all elements of security management, processes and personnel. SimSpace identifies vulnerabilities and cyber risks by allowing information security professionals to prioritise investments that protect business-critical assets. They can also track current projects and initiatives, obtaining evidence of compliance and identifying where their programs are lagging behind.

It is emphasised that with the advanced SimSpace cyberspace simulator and individual training plans, cybersecurity and IT teams can practice and improve their cyber threat response tactics with the help of Red Team, Blue Team and Purple Team exercises in real time, Capture-the -Flags, extortionist programs and DDoS attacks.

Organisations around the world are competing to attract and retain high-end cybersecurity professionals. To stay one step ahead, organisations need a robust cyberspace platform to improve the skills of their professionals, and we're excited to have a solution in our portfolio that will allow them to do so”, said Pavlo Zhdanovych, founder and managing director of the Softprom group of companies.

"We are pleased to sign a partnership agreement with Softprom and help increase cyber preparedness in the region", said Peter Major, Senior Sales Director, SimSpace EMEA. "As we work together to improve the cybersecurity of our common customers, this agreement expands our capabilities to provide the world's best cybersecurity platforms."