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Spigraph Partners with Zeutschel

Peter de Boer, Chief Executive Officer of Spigraph
Peter de Boer, Chief Executive Officer of Spigraph

French EDM VAD Spigraph has unveiled its new collaboration with Zeutschel. The German company is the world market leader in self-service and supervisory scanners and supports the creation of digital collections on the internet and the realisation of digitisation projects.

Zeutschel has been supplying its scanning and microfilm systems to companies in the library, archive and public administration sectors for almost 60 years. With the addition of these products to its portfolio, Spigraph now offers its customers the opportunity to benefit from another partner as a specialist in long-term archiving and digitisation.

Five Zeutschel scanners will be added to Spigraph's portfolio. The self-service scanners 'zeta' and 'chrome' and three supervisory scanner models: 'OS 12002', 'OS 15000' and 'OS 16000'. While 'chrome' and 'zeta' have a touch interface and come with the integrated zeta software, the supervisory scanners can be upgraded with Zeutschel's OS 12 software and QM tools. With the OS QM-Tool, the scan operator is able to automate quality control already in the production process. These two software solutions ensure consistently high quality for demanding mass digitisation tasks.

In addition to hardware and software, Spigraph also offers service and support. This includes training resellers and end users with the new products as well as installation service and various on-site service options. Business continuity can be ensured through excellent service from qualified technicians.

"There are many reasons why we are excited about adding Zeutschel to our portfolio", says Peter de Boer, Chief Executive Officer of Spigraph. "But the most important one is that we now have a total package for any potential customer who needs a self-service or supervisory scanner to drive digitalisation. We offer different models from different brands, each with their own strengths. This helps us find the right solution for each of our customers."

"The partnership with Spigraph is an important step for Zeutschel to further increase its presence in the ECM market", says Horst Schmeissing, Zeutschel's Sales Manager DACH. "It also shows that the use of supervisory scanners in document capture is becoming more and more important. This is especially true for file digitisation, where large-format documents such as plans and drawings need to be captured electronically in addition to standard A4 and A3 documents."

As of now, Zeutschel scanners are being sold by Spigraph through its German and Belgian offices.

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