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Systancia Workroom Cloud Available through Ingram Micro Marketplace

Frank Charvet, Cloud Director for Ingram Micro France
Frank Charvet, Cloud Director for Ingram Micro France

Systancia, the French specialist in secure remote working using Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) technology, has signed a global distribution agreement with broadliner Ingram Micro to market its secure remote access Cloud services, Systancia Workroom.

Systancia Workroom is now available on the Ingram Micro Marketplace and can be distributed through the Ingram Micro reseller network. The reseller network will benefit from additional growth opportunities through the :

  • the marketing of a Cloud service with a rapid sales cycle and implementation;

  • differentiation, with a ZTNA offer natively designed for secure teleworking and managed services;

  • provision of a sovereign solution hosted in France and based on the Systancia Gate product, formerly IPdiva Secure, certified by ANSSI ;

  • diversification, with an offer that makes it possible, beyond teleworking, to cover all the security uses of external access and thus generate additional revenue for resellers. A worldwide distribution contract to boost Systancia's growth in the market for the sale of Cloud services.

The first part of the partnership between Systancia and Ingram Micro begins with the launch of the Systancia Workroom solution in France. Other countries should follow soon.

With this distribution agreement, Systancia can now rely on Ingram Micro's expertise in managing its large network of resellers to accelerate its development in France and abroad.

Ingram Micro's reseller-based distribution model enables Systancia to accelerate its growth in the cloud services sales market, a result that would take longer to achieve with a direct sales model alone.

With Ingram Micro, if cloud services are used directly with the publisher, their distribution and resale can be done through a network of resellers interested in acquiring and retaining new customers.

"We are delighted to be able to develop the remote desktop market and expand our portfolio of Cloud solutions by giving Systancia access to our network of partners in the French market. With Ingram Micro's Cloud Marketplace, our partners can now sell and deliver Systancia to their end customers with a real solution that supports the growth of companies in this sector", says Frank Charvet, Cloud Director for Ingram Micro France.

Systancia's solution is dedicated to securing teleworking situations guarantees access to company applications for both employees and service providers from professional or personal workstations, and solves the security and access problems posed by traditional VPNs. It ensures :

  • access traceability for regulatory compliance purposes;

  • migration to the Cloud, by creating a single window of access to all applications wherever they are located (a single window of access to several datacenters and several Clouds of the same company for example);

  • confidentiality of the end-to-end data flow with an access key that is the sole property of the company (even the hosting provider cannot control what is shared);

  • elasticity of the Cloud, which makes it possible to increase resources according to its type of use and needs.

"Systancia offers sovereign solutions adapted and secured to the needs of all types of organisations, from vital importance operators (VIOs) to VSEs and SMEs, as well as large companies. The Cloud Systancia Workroom service is flexible, accessible and rapidly deployable. It responds to the growing security needs of companies in a context of limited resources. The installation and maintenance of the solution is automated and does not require any additional human resources", says Christophe Corne, Chairman of Systancia's Management Board.

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